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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are your brain's way of coping with whatever is unresolved and troubling you. Counselling can help you to process and therefore resolve these issues, enabling you to move forward.

  • Anxiety can affect your thinking and cause you to worry excessively and imagine the worst.
  • Anxiety can give you feelings of panic, fear, despair and impending doom.
  • Anxiety can cause you to change your behaviour, avoiding situations and places, obsessing over rituals, and unable to make decisions.

  • Depression can affect your thinking and can manifest as low self esteem, loss of interest or desperate thoughts.
  • Depression can give you feelings of sadness, anger, guilt, hopelessness.
  • Depression can affect your behaviour, giving you poor concentration, lack of energy or motivation, changes in sleep and appetite, and the need to withdraw socially.

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