A Sense of BalanceCounselling & Psychotherapy in Bournemouth


Counselling deals with short-term immediate issues of more recent origin which may be causing you distress. Dealing with them promptly may prevent stress accumulating and making life more difficult than it needs to be.

As your counsellor, I can provide you with a space to reflect, to think about and try to understand what’s happening in your life and how you can move forward. You can talk to me about what’s bothering you. Often, just talking it through is enough for you to understand what you need to do. At other times, you may need to discuss and explore your options at length.

Counselling is not advice giving or telling you what to do. My role is to facilitate and empower you in working out for yourself a solution to your issues.


If your issues have been around for a while, you may need psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy deals with long-term issues and unconscious processes that drive us into life situations which result in conflict, pain and unhappiness. Long term therapy allows in-depth processing giving you the freedom to allow your issues to unravel at your own pace.

Genuine and lasting change can take time to emerge. Psychotherapy can help you to become aware of how you relate to yourself and others around you, how you hinder and hurt yourself, the changes you need to make, and the inner forces that may derail that change.

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